About Vivariums

Building Living Rain Forest Habitats

Thanks for checking out Frog Forest Designs! Our hope is that we can create and offer some expertly made, bioactive, small rain forest ecosystem vivariums for your next exotic pet! We offer our tanks as complete setups that will include most everything you'll need to care for your amphibian or reptile inhabitant. Tank packages offered will be fully planted with many different sub-tropical plant species, as well as include a grow light and mister. These living vivariums are sold completely ready to GO and GROW!

Bring home a living, breathing, bioactive, amazing slice of tropical rain forest that will captivate you, your kids and your guests! These are perfectly compact rain forest environments for your home, office or classroom.
Feel free to contact us for more info or to order your new vivarium today!

We would also love the chance to help teachers set up a natural vivarium in their classroom, so please contact us for more info and special pricing, or to schedule a classroom presentation.

A percentage of sales will be donated to one of the many amphibian conservation efforts we support.
​Please check them out on our About Us page!

Please Note:

Unfortunately we're unable to ship our tanks at this point in time, as the cost would likely be more than the tank itself, and it would likely get ruined in transit from being jostled around.  Local sales only at this time.  We're willing to deliver within a reasonable driving distance from North San Diego County.  Thanks!

All you need to know about these extremely interesting, colorful, and amazing little amphibians!

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About Dart Frogs

Care Sheets

Learn how to properly care for your new vivarium and poison dart frog, to keep them happy and healthy!

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Never heard the term "Vivarium" before? Just what is a vivarium and what makes them unique?

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