Frog Forest Designs is also a proud member and/or donor of the following conservatory efforts and  institutions:

​The photo above is our current "Frog Wall" that has taken over part of our dining area at home.  On the left is our large, 100 gallon Exo Terra display vivarium that houses our Azureus and Charco La Pavas.  The rack to the right of it houses on the top shelf (left to right) our Reticulated fants (not shown), Caynarachi, and Robertus.  The middle shelf (left to right) houses our vanzolinii, Southern variabilis and Gold Leg uakarii.  The bottom rack (left to right) houses our El Dorados, Nominal fants and Varaderos.  We also have a couple growout bins on the ground that house all our various froglets.  The hutch on the right wall houses (left to right) our Red Head histrionica and Orange terribilis group.  We also have our A. pepperi in another room.  This is truly our very own "Rain Forest Cafe" !

All these different vivariums are meticulously created and cared for by Josh, and designed for each specific inhabitant.  Lighting, misting, temperature & humidity control, plant selection, microfauna... all these aspects play a vital role in making these living rain forest habitats a sustainable ecosystem for the frogs to thrive in!

Aside from building custom living vivariums, Frog Forest Designs also offers Frogs for Sale, dependent upon our stock of offspring.

Check out the Our Collection page to see photos of the frogs we own, as well as some brief information on each frog species that are housed above!

To date, we've successfully built over 88 vivariums and counting!

What is Frog Forest Designs?

Frog Forest Designs is what came about when Escondido, CA resident, Josh Gibbs, decided to try his hand at selling his living vivarium creations.  As a child, Josh grew up with all manner of reptiles, which held his fascination all through childhood and up to this day.  Over the years he's kept Chinese Water Dragons, Ball Pythons, Red Tail Boas, Bearded Dragons, Veiled Chameleons, Savannah Monitors, Sulcata Tortoises, Red Ear Slider turtles, Softshell Turtles, and many of Southern California's native reptiles.  It wasn't until recently, though, that Josh started keeping poison dart frogs.  Their brilliant colors, amazing behaviors, and intriguing habitats quickly won him over and he jumped into the dart frog hobby head first!

Josh has been keeping and breeding dart frogs since January of 2016, and his collection has quickly expanded into what is now over 50 frogs from 15 different species - not including growing froglets!  Several different frog species require different environments in which they can thrive, so recreating their specific needs in each tank has been a very rewarding challenge to master.  Josh has spent countless hours researching and perfecting the art of constructing and maintaining these habitats, and it's these amazing living ecosystems that Josh wants to make available to others in the exotic animal hobby... or to those who just want a beautifully planted piece of art to display.  Check out our Testimonials Page to see what people are saying about their new tanks created by Josh.