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Check out our list of frogs we currently have for sale below.  We have a very fluctuating stock of eggs, tadpoles and froglets, so it's tough to always keep track of what's going on in our tanks and growouts.  We try and keep this page as up to date as possible, so keep checking in or email us with any questions.

Depending on the species, we typically offer our little froglets for sale once they are between 2 - 6 months out of water ( oow ).  Out of water refers to the time the froglet has finally absorbed its tail and emerges out of the water and onto land for the first time on its own.  From there, we feed them tiny bugs called Springtails that are just the right size for them to eat.  As they grow, they are able to start eating larger foods, like their main staple of fruit flies.  For their own well-being, we want to make sure they are healthy and large enough to eat vitamin-supplemented fruit flies before we let them go.  We will never sell you a frog that we have any reservations about its health or well-being.

Aside from our own breeding stock, we also have access to an immense network of reputable breeders, both local and nation-wide.  If you are looking for a particular species that we don't have - just ask!  We might be able to help track one down for you.

Typical pet stores don't provide these exotic frogs with the proper enclosures or care, and as such, are often malnourished, sick, underweight or even deceased when you see them.  In most cases, the pet store is unable to give you any background information on the frogs either, such as where they came from or even how old they are.  You can be sure, however, that buying from reputable breeders such as we are, and many others - that you will receive healthy, active and nourished frogs, and be given their age, lineage and proper care needs.

The quantity of available frogs is shown with numerals and decimals which are used in the hobby to note the sexes.  They are noted as Male.Female.Unsexed - so if you see a listing of 1.0.2, that would mean 1 Male, 0 Females and 2 that are unsexed.  Typically, we sell our frogs as unsexed juveniles, but sometimes we offer frogs old enough to determine the sex, and will post them as such.

Current Available Frogs

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Upcoming Frogs: Mid 2020

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Please Note:

We are able to ship our frogs nation-wide (weather & temperatures permitting), but we prefer to do local sales.  While shipping frogs is safe, it may put unnecessary stress on the frogs, and can be costly (from $50-$90).  With local sales, we can better ensure the frog's best well-being and we can provide better instruction on care.  Please feel free to ask us any questions about obtaining one of our frogs!

Pricing does not include tax or shipping.  Prices subject to change based on national market and availability.

Oophaga pumilio 'El Dorado'

Quantity: 0.0.4
Available:  NOW!
Age: ±5-8 months


Phyllobates terribilis 'Orange'

Quantity: 0.0.7
Available:  4/1/20
Age: ±3 monts oow when available


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