World Frog Day

Since 2009, every year on March 20th World Frog Day is a way to bring attention to amphibians around the globe! From the little tree frogs and toads in your back yard, to the many endangered species located deep in tropical rain forests - World Frog Day is a great way to spread information and conservation about animals that need our help.

Frog Forest Designs is very proud to be a member and sponsor of several conservation efforts and organizations around the world, that help give these little guys a fighting chance at survival in a harsh world of human interference.  Check out our About Us page to see the different conservation groups that we're a part of.

Since the 1950's, frog populations have been declining significantly, and about one-third of the world’s species are found to be threatened with extinction.  Since the 1980's, over one hundred and twenty species are believed to have become extinct.  The decline in the population of frogs has been attributed to emerging fungal disease, habitat destruction and modification, pollution, climate change, pesticide use, and more.  More notably all these led to a rise in the number of malformations among frogs.  In the recent years, World Frog Day is considered to be the world’s largest day for amphibian education and conservation action.  People and various organizations are using this awareness Day to focus on the universal decline in the population of amphibians in the locations across the world.

Celebrating the World Frog Day is quite simple. Get to know about the frogs, their, habitats, types, and its environmental roles in detail.  Raise awareness about the decline in frog’s population and the importance of saving them among the community.  Help in bring some environmental changes such as reducing pollution, pesticide usages to prevent them from being killed as they are the major threats to the frogs. Buy soft toys depicting frog and gift your children and ask them to draw some pictures of the frog as a way to make them love even these detested creatures and know their importance. Share your views about the Frogs and Frog Day on the social media using the hashtag #WorldFrogDay 

We encourage you to spend just a few minutes sometime today and learn something new about our small amphibian friends. There are some truly fascinating facts about frogs that I bet you never knew!  

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