We also have a large assortment of Bromeliads (mostly neoregelias) we can offer.  Most are grown outdoors in our yard or greenhouse, and some might come from occupied vivariums.  We will rinse all Bromeliads before shipping, but you will want to clean them thoroughly before adding to your vivarium.  All bromeliads will be shipped bare root as well.  

As we don't have labels or photo documentation for many of our Bromeliads, we will offer them as "Dealer's Choice" - meaning we will pick the plants for you.  Please let us know what size and color, or any other preferences you're looking for, and we'll do our best to accommodate.

X Small  (< 4")                                                                $5

Small (4-6")                                                                    $7

Medium (6-8")                                                              $10

Large (8-12")                                                                 $15

X Large (12"+)                                                               $20

Sizes are noted in inches measured as the approx. width across/diameter of a mature plant.

Plants For Sale

We get asked often enough if we sell plants, that we thought we should just add something to the website here!  

​As all of our tanks have living, growing plants inside them, we are constantly trimming and thus able to offer cuttings to those who might be in the market for more beautiful plants!  Below is a list of many of the plants we have in our tanks, growout bins, and greenhouse, along with pricing for a cutting of each.  All plants will likely have had contact with our frogs and not considered "frog-free" if you are weary of cross-contamination.  HERE is an excellent article on how to clean and disinfect most plants to make them safer to add into your new or existing vivarium.   We are able to ship plants via USPS depending on weather conditions, and shipping costs can vary between $10 - $20, depending on how much is ordered (box size).  We can also combine shipping plants with any frog purchases as well.

Each plant listed below will be sent as an unrooted cutting, unless noted otherwise (we always try to send cuttings with roots attached when possible).  

All plants are subject to what I have at the time, and may or may not be available.  Please EMAIL me to see what's ready to clip, or with any questions!

* signifies limited availability, and may not always be available.

​Marcgravia sintenisii                                       $ 30 *
Marcgravia sm. round                                     $ 20
Marcgravia suriname                                      $ 10
Marcgravia st. lucia                                           $ 30
Marcgravia rectiflora                                       $ 10

Marcgravia bronze                                             $ 50 *

Marcgravia sp. 'White Seam'                         $ 70 *

Marcgravia umbellata                                      $ 30 *

Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy             $ 100 *
Philodendron verrucosum                             $ 100 *

Philodendron sp. “Heartleaf”                        $ 25

Philodendron 'Wend-imbe'                            $ 10
Epipremnum pinnatum 'Cebu Blue'          $ 15
Monstera siltepecana                                       $ 40
Syngonium wendlandii                                   $ 20

Solanum sp. 'Columbia'                                    $ 10

Saxifraga stolonifera                                        $ 10

Rhaphidophora cryptantha                            $ 20
Begonia rex (red/silver)                                   $ 5

Begonia conchifolia                                           $ 15

Begonia manaus                                                 $ 5
Begonia kui                                                           $ 40
Peperomia emarginella                                   $ 10

Peperomia angulata                                          $ 10

Peperomia glabella                                            $ 5

Peperomia prostrata                                         $ 10

Pilea involucrata                                                $ 10

Pilea peperomioides                                         $ 10
Pearcea hypocyrtiflora                                    $ 10 *
Paradrymonia campostyla                             $ 5

Calathea musaica (bare root)                        $ 30 *
Impatiens hians                                                  $ 25

Biophytum sp. Ecuador (bare root)            $ 25 *

Pellionia pulchra                                                $ 5

Pellionia repens                                                  $ 5

Bag 'O Moss (misc. mosses, 4 oz.)               $ 10