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"This has been my best experience purchasing a tank. As soon as I spoke to Josh I was led in the right direction - very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful guy. Being my first thumbnail frogs I was a bit concerned as to requirements, breeding, and of course feeding, but thanks to the amazing customer support given by Frog Forest Designs I felt more than confident taking it on. The enclosure was constructed fast and very well designed - so well in fact that after only two weeks of being home my Varaderos have already had tadpoles and are raising them within the enclosure without any interference. I will be getting more enclosures in the future from Frog Forest Designs, and HIGHLY recommend that anyone new or experienced who does not have the time to build a custom vivarium, to purchase one from them."

​- Victor O., Pomona, CA

Custom 20g tank for R. imitator Varadero

"It started with one tank and soon I'll have three!  Josh does excellent work with his tank designs - they are beautiful displays.  Even though I've learned how to make these on my own, I leave everything to Josh to make them perfect.  Everyone who sees the frog set-up at my office comments on how nice they look.

If you are curious about keeping frogs and don't know where to start, Josh makes everything easy to understand and less intimidating.  His knowledge and passion for keeping frogs come through in the designs.  I've had many questions since getting my first one and he always responds promptly.

What you get for the price is a huge value.  I've never seen anything like these conversions for sale and ready to go before.  If you want to try something on a desktop that is exotic and unique, this is an awesome alternative to a fish tank.  And, once one is set up, the maintenance is relatively easy and inexpensive. He does the hard part!

I really can't say enough good things about my frog tanks.  I was hesitant at first to take the "leap" into keeping dart frogs and now I'm so glad I did with my first Varaderos (the orange and blue frogs).  Now when I'm at work I get to enjoy the quiet calls of the frogs and watch them climb around in their little forests."

- Peter M., Carlsbad, CA

Custom 20g tank for R. imitator Varadero

Custom 20g tank for O. pumilio Almirante

Custom 100g Exo Terra tank for D. tinctorius Matecho

"I love having a view of the outdoors on my desk to refresh my mood, and Josh created something more beautiful than I could have imagined.  He helped me to add an Orchid Mantis to my tank as well, and everyone that sees it is so amazed.  Thanks Josh!"

- Dawn M., Escondido, CA

Custom 10g tank for Hymenopus coronatus (Orchid Mantis)

"Josh at Frog Forest Designs helped me design the most perfect environment for my two White Australian tree frogs, Leia and Rey!  His knowledge on frogs and specialty plants is astounding.  My frogs are so much more content in their new habitat and so am I.  The vivarium is now a center piece in our house bringing the tropical feel inside and our frogs feel more like part of the family!  Can't wait to get another tank going.  Thanks Josh!"

- Elyse R., Vista, CA

Exo Terra 30g tank for Australian Whites Tree Frogs

"Amazing vivarium designs and a great person, I will be doing lots of business in the near future."

Huey M., Reptile Store Owner 
San Diego, CA

"First time buyer, but it definitely wont be the last!

Josh's designs are simple yet elegant. Each tank is a little work of art. The two tanks that I purchased came with well rooted beautiful plants.  No less than 5-6 different species of hard to find exotic gems.  Not to mention they were teeming with springtails.

I've been keeping dart frogs off and on for the past 10 years, and I've yet to find another service quite like this.  At such a reasonable price.  Not only do you get the beautiful tank, lights, misting bottle... but you get a support system.  Someone to answer your questions, and help you along the way.

Josh's number 1 priority is the well being of the frogs he sends home with you, and it shows in his work.  I highly recommend these set ups for everyone in the hobby.  From seasoned vets looking for a display tank to first timers who are just getting their feet wet."

Justin K., Temecula, CA
2x Custom 10g tank for (TBD) Dart Frogs

"Josh is very knowledgeable and helpful! I reached out to Frog Forest Designs looking to get a custom tank created for my husband's Christmas gift.  I was going into this process with zero knowledge of frogs, or how to navigate through all the dart frog resources.  Josh was able to help guide me in the right direction in finding the perfect gift for my husband.  His tanks are set up with amazing plants and structured perfectly set up based on the frogs going into the tank.  His pricing is definitely reasonable for what you are getting!

I would absolutely recommend Frog Forest Designs to anyone looking at getting a custom tank.  You will be very satisfied with your purchase!"

- Ashley K., Temecula, CA
ZooMed 12x12x18 tank for R. sirensis Highland

"I could not have been happier with my frog purchase from Josh.  I had reached out to multiple other companies and breeders, and after speaking with Josh about what he had available, he made my choice pretty easy.  I live fairly close to Josh, so I asked if I could come pick up the frogs as to not stress the frogs out via shipment (but mostly wanting to see his frogroom, haha).  After seeing his frogs I quickly added many more to my wishlist.  I also needed some nice vivarium plants and Josh jumped out and mentioned he could sell me some cuttings.  I think I counted 36 different species of plants I received upon arriving home.  Josh mentioned another customer heard frogs calling shortly after getting settled in, and sure enough, 2 days after I put the frogs in their tank a male was calling!  I built my first tank on my own, which was fun, but I won't be building anymore tanks myself.  His tank set ups make sense for whichever species you're housing.  Even after the purchase, Josh still isn't hesitant to answer various frog questions.  Thanks again!"

Andy T., Fullerton, CA
(3) R. imitator Varadero + Plant Package

18x18x24 Exo Terra Custom Built Tank for O. pumilio

(3) O. pumilio Punta Laurel

"I commissioned 2 tanks from Josh a while ago and just picked them up yesterday.  He did such an amazing job!!   I've been staring at them for hours, and my frogs love them.  I will definitely be looking at him if I ever need another tank!"

Shauntel W., Lancaster, CA
2x 18" Cube Exo Terra Custom Tank Build

"I've been keeping dart frogs for 17-18 years and have created and seen my fair share of vivariums. I recently picked up a custom display Exo-Terra tank Josh created and am honestly blown away by it's quality and beauty. The construction is impeccable and the plant selection is amazing. My bastimentos pair seem to love it and I find myself watching them constantly now. The only problem I have is that I reduced my collection down to two tanks and now I'm back to wanting to get more!"

Brandon M., Sorrento Valley, CA
18x18x24 Exo Terra Custom Tank Build for O. pumilio

10g Custom Conversion Tank

"Josh is great to work with! 3 varadero frogs arrived safe today! Thanks Josh!"

- Pam B., Venice, FL
(3) Ranitomeya imitator Varadero

"I just received 3 Varaderos from Josh and I could not be happier!  They look wonderful and love their new home.  Josh was a pleasure to work with and answered all my emails and questions very quickly.  I would not hesitate to get frogs from Josh again.  Everything went very smooth."

- Jennifer D., Woodbury, MN
(3) Ranitomeya imitator Varadero

"I purchased a total of 4 lid conversions for my tanks from Josh - anywhere from 10 gallons to 100 gallons.  Josh helped me through the whole process and gave me helpful insight on installation.  I would highly recommend buying kits from Frog Forest Designs,

and it’s where I plan on getting any of future lids from.  

I also purchased 6 Varadero froglets from Josh.  All of them were fat, colorful, and full of energy.  I had them for about 3 months until I noticed they had already started breeding.  Josh knew the out of water dates and had all the line information available.  It was a very easy decision to buy from him!

I was in need of some plants and contacted Josh and he asked me what I was wanting in plants. He then recommended the plants that fit what I was looking for.   Also, was able to help me find smaller broms that were perfect for my tanks!!"

Tommy B., Santee, CA
(6) Ranitomeya imitator Varadero

Plant Package(s)

Custom Glass/Screen Lids

"I have to say,  Josh is fantastic.  He's a pleasure to deal with and his enclosures are beautifully done.

I especially like the drainage "pond" he builds into them, it make draining excess water so much easier. I have 4 enclosures done by him currently

of several different sizes and styles, and will be getting many, many more. A+!!!!"

- Tracy S., Oceanside, CA
Multiple Custom Vivarium Tanks (20g, 30g, 40g)

"I just wanted to thank you for a smooth transaction and wonderful outcome.

Readily and politely answered my questions and I will be back soon.  Thank you! "

Sydney A., Garden City, MI
Male O. pumilio 'Charco la Pava'

"Thanks for a great buying experience Josh! Our frogs are active, healthy, and doing well. Your packaging was excellent for shipment.

We appreciate all you did to help us with the new additions to our vivarium family!  Couldn't be happier!"

Rachel H., Columbus, OH
(4) R. imitator 'Varadero'

"Thanks so much for the awesome healthy frogs! Had a great experience buying from you and am looking forward to doing business again!"

Kyle A., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
(3) R. variabilis 'Southern'

(3) R. imitator 'Varadero'

18" Cube Exo Terra Custom Vivarium

12x12x18 ZooMed Custom Vivarium

"I stumbled across Josh randomly on Facebook for frog groups to follow.  Decided to message him because I was over building my own vivariums.  Little did I know when I went to see Josh's vivariums, they were nearly 10x better than my own builds.  He has a natural talent for building these tanks.  I decided after the test tank I bought that I will be purchasing from him to build all of my frog room tanks for both my tree frogs and my darts.  He has a really cool collection of darts as well available for purchase.  I like his husbandry practices on his frogs as well.  He really takes the time to make sure every bit of husbandry is proper.  This is very important when I look for when purchasing dart frogs.  I will no doubt be doing monthly purchases of his builds and his dart frogs.  All around great guy with an awesome personality too!!"

Corey P., San Marcos, CA

10g Conversion Custom Vivarium