"This STAR WARS – Dagobah Vivarium is simply amazing.  I feel like I am actually there on Dagobah.  The design is flawless; all of the attention to detail is mind blowing.  You can tell that Josh is passionate about his vivarium tanks and he is extremely knowledgeable.  Josh blasted this vivarium into space, as if he was Luke Skywalker himself firing at the Death Star. I am so thankful for his hard work and dedication.  I am still in shock to own this cool vivarium.  I am grateful to have such a great wife for making this dream come true.  Also to Josh, as a United States Navy sailor I salute you for a job well done.  Thank you very much Josh!  I will definitely be ordering another tank from Josh very soon.  You cannot beat his prices and craftsmanship. 

Thank you again for this wonderful tank that my family and I love very much."

We Build Themed Vivariums!

We would absolutely LOVE to build you a themed vivarium for your office, classroom or loved one!  We have the excitement and capability to incorporate just about any theme you may wish to have as part of your new living vivarium.  Whether it be your company logo, school mascot, your child's favorite toy characters, or even a movie franchise your loved one is a huge fan of - we can work our magic to bring those themes to life inside your new tropical paradise vivarium!  Check out some examples of themed tanks we've already done for our customers.  

This was a really fun new 12x12x18 tank we built for a client, intended to house a Heteropoda davidbowie, "huntsman spider". 

The H. davidbowie spider is indigenous to Malaysia and into Indonesia, and inhabits the highland forests that were home to headhunting tribes of Borneo centuries ago.  Or at least close enough!  We wanted to both try something new and different than our typical builds, and create a fun replication of that iconic and spooky look of their native habitat.  We used real bamboo and cut off the ends to create the spears, and spiked a ceramic skull through one to complete the look!  We also wrapped a printed jungle background sheet behind the glass the create a dense jungle feel that makes the inside of the tank look bigger than it really is.  Finally, a glass and screen combo lid helps keep the humidity up for the tropical inhabitant.

We'll keep track of this one, and hopefully get some photos from the owner once the spider has made a home of it, and fills it with its spooky webs.  Oh, and if you don't know what a Heteropoda davidbowie looks like... check it out!

"Dagobah Tank"

We built this Star Wars themed tank for an awesome customer who wanted to surprise her husband, who is a huge fan of the movie franchise.  She asked that we build one to include the crashed X-Wing like in the swamps of Dagobah in Episodes V and VI.  So, of course we wanted to make the tank look like the iconic swamps where Luke Skywalker crashed his fighter and trains with Yoda to master the Force.  

This tank was truly a delight to plan and build with a singular direction in mind.  We tried to make the hardscape look as true to the theme as possible, while still functioning as a bioactive vivarium capable of housing live plants and animals - which was no easy feat!  This 20 gallon vivarium includes an external fogger drilled and installed seamlessly hidden into the hardscape, a daylight LED light with a blue night time setting, natural California manzanita wood to form the "trees", a hand built and painted model X-Wing, custom cut glass lid, printed concept art background, custom hand carved coco hut with Star Wars emblem, and "Zebra" isopods scurrying around.  We are very happy with how this tank turned out, and even more happy about how excited the surprised husband was upon seeing it!  Click on the thumbnail images below to see some close up shots of this fun tank!