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"I just purchased and read Josh's "complete step by step instructions to building your own vivarium" and would like to give my honest and unbiased review.
The 39 page instruction manual is designed to help beginners become acquainted in the hobby with vivarium building procedures.
It is a "one stop all inclusive guide that will give you information...from start to finish"

Could all of this information be found online for free?  Sure, it could - but not this in depth in my opinion, and not containing the quality images that are paired with the in depth procedures and instructions provided by Josh.  As a beginner myself I have done many hours of research and gathered a basic knowledge of Vivarium building procedures but this guide clarified any questions I still had and even gave me a great idea for my drainage layer water removal.  With that being said the guide is literally a complete start to finish manual that I would advise anyone that is new or even experienced in the hobby to purchase in order to refine their building skills and knowledge.

Let's examine the price now, $10, for a 39 page vivarium building manual, is it worth it...yes, yes it is.
It will save you countless hours of searching and sifting through forums that while having valuable information can also be filled with misinformation.
The step by step guide will provide you with quality tips tricks and ideas accompanied with images that are backed by an experienced builder all condensed into an easily downloaded PDF.  Think of it this way, $10 more than likely just saved a beginner hundreds of dollars on inferior products or failed building attempts and possibly the death of their beloved creatures.

Final remarks, I give it a 10 out of 10, thanks for the guide Josh, I will recommend it to anyone that may be looking for resources on building a viv for the first time,

and will provide images of my first build using your methods!"

​- Tyler S., Groves, TX

Build Your Own Vivarium!

We've had many people ask us how we build these amazing, living, bioactive, rain forest vivariums that we offer.  When asked, we would typically refer them to the plenty of online instructional guides and videos that talk about or show you how to build a vivarium, but we've found those to be lacking in some critical information.  After watching many of those videos and reading many guides, still several questions remained about what specific materials or processes to do.  While most of these resources give a good overall idea on how to build a vivarium, there are many details that were left out.

After some feedback and suggestions from people, we decided to create an in depth, detailed, step by step instructional guide on exactly how we build our vivariums, and offer it to you!  The tips, materials and processes shown in the guide have been time tested and verified to be tried and true methods of creating a long lasting, high quality, and sound vivarium tank that will last for years and years.  This 39 page guide shows you exactly how we build our vivariums that so many people have come to love.  We detail out which products we use (and which ones shouldn't be used), as well as step by step instructions all the way from constructing your background and drainage layer to mounting epiphytic plants and planting terrestrial ones.  From choosing the right tank, to adding the finishing touches, this guide will help you navigate through the whole process - with detailed pictures along the way!

Perfect for someone wanting to build their first vivarium, or anyone looking for new ideas or methods to use for their build.  This guide is meant to go over everything you need to know from start to finish for our method of building a vivarium.  In addition to the full vivarium instructions, we also cover additional methods and techniques, like:

                    - Drilling Glass                                                                            - Building an Egg Crate False Bottom                                                   - Building a Custom Lid               

                    - Cutting Glass                                                                             - Creating Fake Rocks with Drylok®                                                      - Choosing Your Lighting

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