What exactly is a Vivarium?

You've heard of terrariums and aquariums, right?  Both terrariums and aquariums can also be termed a "vivarium" - which generally refers to any container used to house an exotic pet.  Vivariums can range from massive scale like you'd find at a zoo, or something small that you could fit on your office desk or home counter.  Most often, vivariums are typically enclosed tanks that simulate a particular ecosystem specific to the inhabitant.  In our case, the vivariums Frog Forest Designs offers simulate the neotropical conditions of Central and South American rain forests.  

If you've ever ventured into a pet store or reptile shop, chances are you've seen dozens of vivariums, terrariums and aquariums.  These enclosures typically only include the bare minimum requirements (and sometimes not even that!) for whatever is being kept inside them.  Often times plastic plants are used, and cheap shelters/hides are incorporated for the animal to help them feel "at home."  While these conditions are generally accepted for most pet shops with high animal turnovers, they are not even slightly ideal for an animal to thrive in long-term.  What we at Frog Forest Designs want to offer exotic pet enthusiasts are actual mini rain forest ecosystems, just like they'd be found living in in the wild!

This 100 gallon Exo Terra display tank on the right is home to our (3) D. tinctorius Azureus and (5) O. pumilio Charco La Pava, and has over 50 different tropical plant species!  The tank also includes a custom, hand-made rock waterfall, natural cork and coir background, interactive LED lighting, automatic misting system, real California ghostwood, and an internal air circulation fan.  

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Frog Forest Designs vivariums will include living, breathing plants that are found in the natural jungles and rain forests of South America, as well as top quality materials used to both construct and furnish the habitat. Naturally grown and sustainable cork bark for realistic conditions and plant growth, and authentic ABG mix (Atlanta Botanical Gardens) substrate for superior drainage, are just a couple of the superior quality materials used in vivariums. These materials and conditions allow both the flora and fauna to grow, flower, reproduce and really thrive in, unlike most store-bought

terrarium kits.

We want to share our expertise in building natural vivariums and keeping poison dart frogs with others, in order to help ensure the health, happiness and longevity of the amphibians and reptiles that we love.  Don't they deserve at least that much?